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Time Might Just Be The Most Important Factor Of Production At Our Disposal.

Everybody treats and values time differently. The way different people view time could have arisen from cultural practices and behavior they grew up with. For example, for some individuals, being on time is not obligatory as long as they show up at some point. Others are so time conscious that even one minute late drives them crazy. For some, it's the homes in which they grew up, and how their families treated time.

Time is not just something to keep track of for the sake of knowing what time, day, month or year it is. Time is the single element that affects pretty much every detail of our lives. theThe moment a child is born, everybody subconsciously starts a clock in their minds for the moments thereafter. Soon she'll/ he'll be eating, then crawling, talking, walking, running, in preschool, etc. First time parents are very anxious to get that college fund going with the anticipation that it'll need to be raised over the years preceding college, a period that seems to go so fast! They have calculated the rate at which the fund will grow based on the typical age that kids enroll into college.

Assignments at work, at school, on business teams are done on schedule, with timelines and deadlines. Time use has determined whether a buck is made or a buck is lost to a competitor. Time use has determined how healthy we stay or how stressed out and stressed we can become.

Truth is that everyone has their own standards and perceptions of time, but making an effort to perceive and understand others' perspectives of time could go a long way to simplify each others' lives. We can be willing to drift out of our comfort zones and meet the other person half way to get the job/task at hand, done.

Have a successful week ahead!

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