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Alas...Another Week...Obstacles Cannot Not Crush Me!

That first moment you wake up and realize, oops, it's Monday! For some it's Sunday night. Financial, fiscal, legal, family, health, etc. complications storming into the mind from all over the place.

1. You are not alone!

Lots of individuals wake up to this mental chaos no matter how successful and collected they look on the outside. Knowing you are are not the only one going through these moments will help to redirect thoughts to a strategic plan to navigate the hurdles. Truth is that the intensity might be quite high and thinking of others going through similar situations may not be relieving. However, to reflect on personal, company's or organization's past similar difficulties and realizing that you somehow survived and overcame might be the greatest anchor for your week and life.

2. There's a reason you woke up today!

Many went to bed with the hopes and ambitions for the new day and week. For some it was as simple as being able to take

care of, and to provide for their families, and the list goes on. You woke up. That's enough testament that there's a purpose for your existence. Go for it. Refuse to give up. Determine to crush your obstacles. Face them boldly. this will what will make Friday and the weekend worth celebrating. Remember, with every blessing comes a burden. As long as the blessing outweighs the burden, it's all worth the endeavor!

Here's to a victorious week however small our victories may end up being. Let's sternly resolve to do this. Let's go get them!!!

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