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Every Connection Made Has Its Place and Time for Fruition.

Unless it was a reckless meet, the people we meet may not mean anything at the time, but that doesn't render them irrelevant. It's never a good idea to dismiss people we meet and connect with, just because they do not cater to our instant gratification. 

Some people we meet and the purpose of our meeting is unclear in the moment. Both parties may be premature in their 'lane' at the time. It's okay. The joint journey just began. Don't try so hard to make it work. Don't try too hard to keep in touch. The strong Chemistry is not yet there. Why either party is still unready for the joint mission. It doesn't necessarily imply that either party is not experienced in what they do individually, rather it's because the inevitability of dependence on each other has not yet matured or fully developed.

In the meantime, keep doing what you do well as a separate entity and prioritize those that you currently 'gel' so well with in excecuting your  business and/or individual goals. However, keep your eye in the 'side' or 'rear' mirror on those initiated, but yet-to-develop connections and relationships. Continue to ask yourself, "Why did we ever connect?" 

As a matter of fact, some relationships may never mean anything more than just connecting. So, when you connect with new people, try to be in the moment and take quick mental notes at the time. One thing said or observed in that moment  (good or bad) might become a key ingredient to the next  or future steps of your journey.

Remembering that moment's lesson ever after could become the sole propelling energy into the future.

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