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Business startup 'cold feet' and how to overcome (some of) it...

So, the journey begins!  Where does one start? What lies ahead all the uncertainty? "Are you sure you're ready for this ride?"

Panic, doubts, fear have a way of overtaking hope and enthusiasm. No matter who you are, this is almost a universal truth. Yet, after taking a few steps, one starts to feel empowered and determined to walk this hidden path.

Photo Credit: NationJC Inc.

"Who will go with me?" is the next question. These 'who' are not necessarily a co-founder, co-CEO or the advisory board/ committee, etc. They come in all forms. The people one needs on this journey we may not  have crossed paths with before. They may be individuals or groups of individuals we need to meet and should prepare ourselves well to meet.

Such people are a rare resource and they posses 'limited' resources- only to those who really need/deserve them. That means we cannot take our encounter with them for granted.

What else does that mean? It means we should prepare for them with some degree of speculation and respective preparation. We may have to evaluate ourselves to find out what we actually need from each of these resources.

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